Tommy Trash at Prime Boston

As if Boston didn’t have enough electro music flowing through the streets, the electronic wave continues to spread and this week we were happy to cover Thomas Olsen, better known as Tommy Trash at Prime. This has to be one of those nights were you must be insane to go out on a Sunday but hey! Boston is getting infected faster with the EDM cultural than the zombie apocalypse. It didn’t take us long either to get up and head down to what was the center of attention that night in downtown.

As soon as Tommy Trash was hands on deck, he began the night by having the crowd singing along with the beat of Pendulum’s “The Island”. Both floors of the venue synced together to the beat as the top floor looked directly down to artist and the main floor just crowded up close to the booth reaching out to him and raging. The energy of Tommy Trash’s music flowed just as much as his head was thrusting. The dancing was literally nonstop from both floors and the transition of one song to another was flawless.

It wasn’t until the middle of the night that even the VIP booths were no longer divided from the crowd in the main room and created a tight pack. Especially when things became EPIC! When Tommy Trash threw down Sandro Silva & Quintino’s “Epic”. Which has become the sample to play during all the festivals, it practically went from unknown last year and now blowing up this year. Another one that definitely took the crowd rolling and moving was his single, “Cascade
, one of his most recently created songs that have become a huge hit in festivals as well. These are just sounds that must be heard live, the feeling that circuits through your body will actually give you goosebumps.

Even though the venue became an ice rink for some, it didn’t stop them from dancing and going hard all night. Even the venue contributed in the action as the security circled around the crowd with boxes passing along glow sticks to illuminate the night. A very unison moment throughout the night especially when Tommy brought back some classic music, “Jump Around”. It is a song that a lot of artists regardless of genre play to hype up the crowd. The night was definitely worth every second with Trashes whipping hair back and forth.

It was really nice to hear many of his mixes being thrown down and his creative house style building up from beginning to end. We know for a fact the show was worth every minute and would recommend anyone to go out and listen to this artist as well. By the way Tommy Trash will also be attending the Holy Ship next year so make sure you fans also catch him there, it is one cruise you must go to!

By Yujing Li and Juan Castillo-Then

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