On the Verge: Bahamas

Afie Jurvanen of Bahamas came inready to exude some breezy summer in the studio even though fall has just begun. One might question his ability to bring justice to a name like Bahamas as a Canadian, but he does seem to master the easy tempered tone of an island mentality within his music. Although Jurvanen’s band name Bahamas might not be quite familiar with you yet, you may know one of his previous musical endeavors, Feist. Jurvanen was a guitarist and pianist for Feist, most famously as the piano player in the infectious “1234”. Now, he is out displaying the voice of his own.

As our WERS staff was getting ready for Jurvanen and his two female singers’s acoustic set in the studio, he sat regally, hair slicked back, a striped polo shirt, and keeping up a continuous sound, both on the piano and the guitar. Eager to get things rolling, Jurvanen strummed out “Lost In The Light” from his sophomore album, Barchords. His bright streaming guitar alternated with the soft soul of his voice. When the harmony of humming beamed out from the two female voices, the sound was rich and interesting with the many layers of tones.

The lyrics were very much a piece to the way in which “Lost In The Light” is taken in. Jurvanen makes sure that his words are crisp and easily understood. They are out there to consume without any barriers or misunderstandings. In order to put a love song of sorrow out there like this with no clouds takes deep courage. He discussed what led him to creating such a song: “I’ve been trying to write the perfect love song for years. It’s bigger and more powerful than all of us. I think that’s why musicians keep going back to it.”

As Jurvanen went on to discuss his writing, he said that he was inspired by struggle. He is never in lack of things to write about because of the struggle that everyone faces. “It is an endless well. That’s why musicians can keep on going for years,” he said.

Jurvanen then looked down to reach for another soft strummed introduction to an older song, “Already Yours”. The mellowed-down mood built up to a little high of harmonized vocals, but got back quickly to Bahamas’ breezy ways. Bahamas has some impressively thoughtful material to share as they pass through The States on tour, so be sure to check them out!

By Lauren Moquin
Photo by Sarah Ruggiero

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