Pierce Fulton at Splash Ultra Lounge

Dreams do come true for those who pursue their interest in what they love the most. For 20-year-old Pierce Fulton that’s definitely the case. This guy is doing what most college students wish to do – study and tour all over mixing music. Not to mention he also represents part of the New England community – yeah New England!

Don’t underestimate Pierce either because he has an impressive arsenal of remixes from very well known artists like Usher, A-Trak, and Above & Beyond. He also made an appearance at Electric Zoo in August finishing off the summer with style. If you didn’t think this kid was in a roll then how about the fact that he is hosting on Tiesto’s Club Life radio show on the Sirius XM station? For someone who has such a static energy and dedication for what they have been doing for a small amount of time, having a standing in the electronic music industry is something that one must truly respect.

His performance at Splash though was very energetic, regardless of the size of the venue. His music pushed those walls and expanded out to the crowd and more. As a large portion of people crowded up to the DJ booth you can literally feel and stand close with Pierce Fulton himself. His name reflected from all over the venue from TVs to projectors off the top of the ceiling to even stickers of his face on the glass walls and doors.

The energy all over the room was thrilling and the music itself was nothing to question about. This artist’s reputation has definitely earned his right in the EDM industry and without a doubt I know that he will also spark soon and faster with his skills on deck. Pierce Fulton still has some tricks up his sleeve and as a young artist like himself; he unquestionably has time to pull out all the stops.

Make sure you stay on track with Pierce Fulton’s tours and his radio show by visiting his website.


By Juan Castillo-Then

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