Muck and the Mires Live In Studio

Muck and the Mires, a Boston-area rock band, rolled into the radio studio and started livening up the evening by creating some classic rock n’ roll sounds. The band is comprised of lead singer and guitarist “Muck” (a pseudonym used by Evan Shore), drummer Jessie Best, guitarist and back up vocalist Dave Mire, and bassist John Quincy Mire. Their look is simple: T-shirts and jeans, accompanied only by their instruments. The one exception to this rule was “Muck”, who wore sunglasses throughout their three-song set.

Maybe their look was unassuming, but their musical presence certainly was not. Kicking off their upbeat set with “Saturday Let Me Down Again”, the band created a catchy hook with the repeated title lyric, backed by clean, electric guitar. Next up was an equally upbeat song, “Three Steps Closer”, on which they worked in conjunction with Kim Fowley of “The Runaways” fame. Finishing up, they played “Hamburg Time” which was probably the rawest, most classic-rock-sounding song of their performance. Their sound is edgy; “Muck” describes it as “The ‘64 Beatles meets The Ramones.” When asked what inspired this sound, Muck joked, “I dunno, we grew up listening to The Beatles, The Beatles, The Beatles… and then when they grew mustaches we became uninterested.”

“Muck and the Mires” has been around for ten years, and has had the chance to do some pretty neat things in this time. The band has traveled extensively, making frequent trips around the States, Canada, and Western Europe, which they very much enjoyed (especially Spain, where they said they get the “royal treatment” when they perform there). What the band seemed most excited about though was the concept of their next album, which they will begin to record in December out of Ghetto Records Studio in Detroit, Michigan. Their last album, A Cellarful of Muck – released last September – was recorded here as well, with producer Jim Diamond who worked on the first two White Stripes records. What’s unique about this studio? Muck says, “Garage bands fly from all over the world to record with this guy because he’s one of the last producers who works with tape and no computers, so there’s no fixing anything – you gotta be good.”

Muck and the Mires are performing at The Life is Good Festival this coming Saturday, the 22nd. Sunday the 23rd is already sold out, so make sure to grab your tickets for Saturday while you still can. But if you can’t make it out to the festival, no worries! Muck and the Mires will be sticking around Boston for a while. They’ll be performing with Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs at T.T. the Bears’ Place on October 5. Tour dates, digital downloads, and contact information can be found on their Facebook page and their website.

By Maddie Reese
Photo by Sofia Drummond-Moore

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