Datsik at The Palladium

As some may know Datsik is doing a Firepower Tour, flying back and forth to selective states around the U.S. Last week he stopped by Massachusetts and played in Worcester’s Palladium, and without a doubt the show rocked from beginning to end. But let us not forget about the audience, because regardless of the day of the week, there was still a large number of people raging on and enjoying the show. Many of them who stayed close to the stage from beginning to end every time I made a visit to the pit; talk about commitment!

The lineup for the show was very pleasing and kept the energy going throughout the night with artist like Delta Heavy, Bare Noize, and AFK. Although the light work didn’t kick in until later on the night, these artists were able to throw some awesome tunes that got the crowd going all night. The lineup itself was very appropriate seeing that they all had that combo of hip-hop, electro house, and dubstep. Some of the dirties tunes that can drop in a night that will leave a drenched for weeks! Or just explode your mind inside out; which ever you prefer!

If you walked in and saw the stage, right off the bat you would assume that the mysterious round object covered in a blanket was a special treat to be saved up for Datsik. Oh and how right was I! When he came up and they revealed what was behind the blanket, it showed that he loved the bass more than anyone else because were he was performing was literally a large bass! And as soon as his music kicked in a projector shaped the inside of the bass were he played and gave the audience a unique lighting show that was ready to hypnotize the crowd and keep them off the ground throughout the night.

Datsik’s music was definitely something worth listening to with his drum and bass and combination of electro style and hip-hop. It definitely stays true to his “dark and robotic” while trying to stay “funky and gangster.” Some tunes like Annihilate or Lightspeed definitely show his style being true. Lets us not forgot how mind blowing and dirty his bass really was and how it blew away the crowd. Some even said that they were able to feel it all the way from the bathroom; talk about next level raging, kicking the bass loud enough to feel the quake across the state! Datsik put on an amazing show for the crowd and accomplished to satisfy our eardrums. It was overall entertaining with a mesmerizing light work, music that will make you break a neck and an amazing line up to keep all your bass dropping needs fulfilled.

To see if they are coming to a city near you and for more info about the Firepower Tour check it out at their website.

By Juan Castillo-Then

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