Dirty Projectors to Release Short Film in September

In conjunction with the recent release of their album Swing Lo Magellan, which (if you haven’t listened yet) is phenomenal, Dirty Projectors are releasing a short film titled Hi Custodian. According to Pitchfork, who is promoting the release, this is the gist of what the film will be:

Hi Custodian was filmed over the course of five days in Southern California. Inspired by music films like Kanye West’s Runaway and Prince’s Purple Rain, it follows band members David Longstreth, Amber Coffman, Nat Baldwin, Haley Dekle, and Mike Johnson as they inhabit a variety of characters in a surreal narrative about spiritual death and rebirth. Amber plays a lost and lonely searcher. David plays a yōkai, a shapeshifting undead spirit from Japanese folklore. Nat plays a truck driver as well as a newborn child. Amber and Haley also feature as girls from the British Midlands, as well as sister Fates in an unindividuated dyad.

Hi Custodian features several recordings and alternate versions of brand new Dirty Projectors songs “Offspring Are Blank”, “About to Die”, “Gun Has No Trigger”, “See What She Seeing”, “The Socialites”, “Swing Lo Magellan”, and “Just From Chevron,” in addition to other new and unreleased music from the Swing Lo Magellan album sessions. The title Hi Custodian is a fragment of a lyric from “Unto Caesar” from Swing Lo Magellan.

 With all that said, the theatrical premiere is on September 6th at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema in NYC with screenings at 8pm and 10pm. Want to go? Here’s what Pitchfork says: “Admission to the NYC premiere will be granted through RSVP. Email ash@pitchfork.com and specify which screening you’d like to attend, 8 p.m. or 10 p.m. Attendees who have RSVP’d will be seated on a first-come, first-serve basis.” But, if you can’t make it to the showings, Pitchfork will be streaming in online via YouTube the next day (Sept. 7). Watch the full trailer and get excited for some trippy visuals set to awesome music!

By Garren Orr

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