On the Verge: The Pines

Sporting a refreshing sound and their Midwestern gear (flannel and beards from head to toe), The Pines load into the WERS on-air studio with the comfort and confidence every good band has. Benson Ramsey, David Huckfelt, and Alex Ramsey sound check their Mumford-esque vocals and dreamy guitar blends to prepare for their feature On the Verge, and nothing could be more appropriate to describe them. After Huckfelt and Benson Ramsey met in Arizona in the mid-2000s, the group slowly built a fanbase from their west and outwards, and are on their first extensive national tour with the recent release of their third album.

The group blatantly defied the legendary sophomore slump with their 2009 hit release Tremolo, which charted unusually well for an indie album and afforded the group the opportunity to tour as an opener and occasional band members for Mason Jennings in 2011. Their new release Dark So Gold promises to do as well after important stops at the South by Southwest Festival amongst other major-city tour dates, and the group seems to be as committed to expanding their fanbase as they are to honing their sound. “We like a lot of space in our music, and the Midwest is pretty sparse,” said Benson Ramsey between strums, looking to his brother and Huckfelt for agreement. The three band members (occasionally the Pines will tour with a more extensive lineup) have a friendship that extends long beyond the origins of the group, and seem to speak wordlessly while answering a questions—all answers are unanimous.

Between live renditions of Dark So Gold’s highlights — which included “All the While” and “Rise Up and Be Lonely”– The Pines’ core group regaled their experiences on tour so far, and their excitement of playing new venues and cities in the latest leg of their country-wide effort. “Things in the Midwest, music-wise, don’t sprout up a whole lot,” Benson continued, “but there’s so much that filters in to the Midwest that we want you to hear.” With a sound that requires cooperation, familiarity, and sounds as if it could have been a fireside jam with your friends just as easily. With a humbleness, thorough appreciation for their fellow band members, and a love of what they do, we can expect to see a lot more from The Pines.

By Jamie Loftus

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