This Week In Music History

Happy Friday August 10th! Summer is sadly beginning to fade, but fear not – the good tunes and music history tidbits shall not! On this particular day back in 1985, the King of Pop made what we might call a slight faux pas in regards to his friendship with a lad from Liverpool, Paul McCartney. In 1985, Michael Jackson purchased ATV’s music catalogue for the affordable price of $47.5 million and managed to nab himself over 250 Beatles songs in the process. Jackson outbid McCartney in the sale, having taken Sir Paul McCartney’s advice in the first place to invest in a music catalogue. McCartney simply didn’t bargain that the catalogue that Jackson would be investing in would be his own.

Sticking with the Beatles-related theme (because who gets sick of the Beatles, right?), on this day back in 1972, Paul and Linda McCartney were arrested for drug possession after a Wings concert in Gothenburg, Sweden. While Paul was fined about $1000, Linda was only fined $200. Talk about a hard day’s night for Paul, huh?

Finally, a very important birthday for rock and roll music happens today. Leo Fender, founder of the Fender Electric Instrument Company, started producing electric guitars beginning in 1946. Previously starting in 1938 ,Fender started his using his inventing smarts in order to run a radio repair shop, “Fender Radio Service”, which soon evolved when musicians began bringing him their PA systems and the like. Arguably some of the most popular guitars in rock and roll history, the Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster models continue to rain supreme, these guitars having been used by everyone from Tom Petty, Eric Clapton, and Mark Knopfler to Bruce Springsteen. Fender was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame despite being unable to actually play a single note. Fender passed away on March 21, 1991 due to complications with Parkinson’s disease. He would have been 103 today.

By Alexandra Parker

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