Brandi Carlile and Josh Ritter Live

At the Bank of America Pavilion

Brandi Carlile’s fifth and latest album, which came out in June and is titled Bear Creek, is different than her previous four in a couple different ways. She and her band recorded it in a studio close to their home and produced it themselves. Trina Schumaker worked as an engineer on the album, as well, and she helped collaborate with the band on the production. Carlile says that they wanted an album that they could work on during the most creative hours, at night, rather than only during the nine to five work hours. “It wasn’t an office hours project,” she told us.

Of the music on the album, Carlile says that the band wanted to create songs that weren’t so labored over and planned out. “It wasn’t an easy thing to do, but it was a conscious decision,” she said. “It was a bit more strenuous to not plan it out or labor over it.”

The group didn’t want to confine their music to a single genre, either. “We didn’t want to go, ‘You know that song’s really cool, Tim, but it doesn’t fit, because that’s not the music we play,’” Carlile said.

The album is compiled of songs that were created about what they were feeling, and in the genre they felt suited the song, rather than the album.

Andy Hull, from Manchester Orchestra, opened for Josh Ritter and Brandi Carlile at their show last night. He played a couple songs, solo on the stage, and set the perfect mood for the audience.

Josh Ritter came out among cheers and applause, and played a wonderful set that was both very well performed and fun. Towards the end, he had everyone in the audience stand up and take part in “the largest slow dance of all time.” He came out for a single song encore, then left the stage and left the audience in a state of high anticipation.

Though both performers were incredible, it was obvious people were there for Carlile. The crowd stood immediately when Carlile came on stage, and it was truly difficult for her to speak above their cheering.

Her performance was incredible, characterized by both her energy and personality. She charmed the audience thoroughly, telling us about how much she loved Boston. Tim and Phil Hanseroth, twins who have played with Carlile for ten years, stood on either side of the singer. It was obvious that the bond between them was incredible, and the clear, happy relationship made for a wonderful dynamic on stage. “It’s familial,” Carlile told us. “We finish each other’s sentences.”

The two also write the music with Carlile, and during the show she announced to the crowd that they were so close that she felt okay with singing about the other’s heartbreak.

The set on stage was simple, which helped create the magic and gave the audience the chance to focus on the performers rather than the glitz and glitter of an outrageous stage set-up. Carlisle ended the set with her song “The Story.” She was gone for only a minute before she came out for her encore performance. She sang another two songs, then sadly announced that her time was up. She walked slowly off the stage, looking just as reluctant to end the show as we felt about leaving it.

By Kali Rohrbaugh

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