Rare Elliott Smith Tracks to be Released on His Birthday

With Elliott Smith’s birthday just four days away (he would have turned 43), Kill Rock Stars, his former label, is going to mark the occasion by releasing a compilation of unreleased and rare tracks. In addition to this, Kill Rock Stars will also reissue the well-loved Either/Or as well as an 180-gram vinyl of his self-titled album from 1995.  The release will include a version of “Alameda” from the same 1997 sessions that produced Either/Or, sporting alternate lyrics in the chorus. The best part is that no matter how intense of a fan you are, Smith’s voice rarely sounds badly.

This isn’t the first thing to be released after Smith’s death. There’s the obvious From a Basement on a Hill, Smith’s sixth and final studio album. It was released a year after his death and producer  Rob Schnapf said, “I don’t think he would have delivered [that] record. The record he would have delivered would have had more songs, would have had different mixes and [been] a little more in-your-face.” They did not, however, add songs to the final tracklisting that were not scheduled to be there.

An Introduction to… Elliott Smith also came out after Smith’s death in 2010. The record was designed to serve as an introduction to one of the fundamental singer/songwriters of the ’90s who went on to inspire countless musicians and did fairly well in serving its purpose. On August 6th, Kill Rock Stars will sell An Introduction to… for $4.99 all day. If you sign up for their mailing list that day, you’ll also receive “a present” from the label. What the present is, no one knows.

Throughout August, Smith’s entire Kill Rock Stars output will be available digitally for $49. And for the duration of 2012, any Kill Rock Stars mailorder purchase will be accompanied by a 10% off coupon for their Smith offerings. I’m looking forward to hearing the unreleased tracks, and from everyone at the studio here, happy early birthday, Elliott.

By Nina Corcoran

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