Identity Festival at the Comcast Center

I’ve said this to every person who’s asked me about any EDM event and I will pass that message along to you. There is just a vibe truly indescribable, a whole different heart pulse surging through your every core with energy to keep you going with no explanation. Identity Festival did just that and the energy people had from 1 PM until midnight will make any regular old geezer crash. Not these folks though, as they raved hard from performances by Showtek, Audrey Napoleon, Wolfgang Carter, Noisia just to name a few. Not to forget, the rare US appearance by the legendary Swedish DJ and Producer Eric Prydz.

This year, Identity Festival was held at the Comcast Center in Mansfield, MA, and just like many of you who attended the event, I knew of the upcoming storm that was suppose to come through. Of course that didn’t even faze the number of people who came to the event regardless of how the weather conditions were looking. Although, it did become a fortunate day as the clouds cleared late afternoon and the sun came out. The event had three different stages performing all at the same time with different DJ’s playing. The iHome stage where all the main action and huge performances occurred, the Rockstar stage located at the other end of the venue and the Together B2B Stage smack dab in the middle catching anyone who was going from iHome to Rockstar stages.

The artists weren’t the only ones who made it as amazing and unforgettable as it was. People in bright neon colors, costumes, tutus, and furry boots were hard to miss as they we’re scattered all over the place. It only added on to the happy and carefree atmosphere of Identity Fest. It’s safe to say that half the fun came from those who attended the event.

We were also very fortunate to interview two performing artists, Audrey Napoleon and Showtek. They were both very welcoming and of course awesome to hear from. Napoleon performs so well and intensely; “Signature yoga matt destruction” can surprise some people after meeting with her one-on-one because she seems so gentle and adorable. She was happy to tell us about her upcoming fashion line that will be releasing sometime in the fall. As in for Showtek, they were also able to tell us a little secret about some upcoming “crazy collabs.”

The Identity Festival is just one of those must-go-to events and I would recommend for anyone to go and enjoy this spectacular fest with the different live performances. If you want to continue following them around the US, visit their website as well as the websites for Audrey and Showtek.

By Yujing Li and Juan Castillo-Then
Photos by Juan Castillo-Then

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