Coldplay at TD Garden

I’ve never really thought of Coldplay as a rock band. When I think of Coldplay, I think of their power ballads– of “Yellow” and of “The Scientist” and other songs like that. But last night at Coldplay’s first Boston show on their Mylo Xylotour, Chris Martin and the rest of the band members made it very clear that yes, Coldplay is a rock band.

Both Emeli Sande and Marina and the Diamonds opened for the band. Sande, a 24 year old Zambian-Scottish musician, belted out her popular “Next To Me” with the kind of passion and heart that is always so wonderful to see in young artists. The music was loud and sweeping, and all together her performance was a perfect way to set the mood for the show.

Marina and the Diamonds came out shortly after Sande left the stage. Marina Diamandis, the lead singer of the band, wore a long, pink silky skirt with a lacy pink top and honestly looked like some kind of princess on stage. She engaged with the audience, introducing us all to her “tour pup”, a pink, electronic toy dog that walked around the stage while she sang. She played many of her popular songs, including “I Am Not A Robot”, and left the stage with the audience pleasantly impressed with her talent and ready for the headlining act.

Coldplay came on stage with a fantastic energy. Lead singer Chris Martin announced to the audience that the band had decided that this show was to be the best concert in the world, and he, as well as the rest of the band, definitely did their part to try to make it just that.

Each audience member was given a wristband as they walked into the arena and as soon as the show started the wristbands across the room started to glow. With the lights off, it looked like some sort of coordinated camera flash routine, and the combination of that, the streams of confetti that sporadically shot into the air, the colorful laser beams and the flashing lights on stage, the entire TD Garden gave off the same kind of energy the band did.

The band performed a wide variety of their extensive collection of music. They played “Yellow” and “The Scientist” back-to-back, which was a nice treat for the audience. Chris Martin jumped around the stage the entire show, displaying a kind of kid-like enthusiasm that could be wondered at — how he managed to sing and play his guitar and dance like that is a mystery. He performed “Paradise”, one of their songs off of their newest album, Mylo Xyloto, near the tail end of his act, during which the entire arena found themselves caught up in the same sort of wild energy that Martin was giving off.

The band came out for their encore in the middle of the audience, with Martin expressing his desire to connect with the back half of the arena. After performing a couple songs wedged between the seats, Coldplay made its way back to the stage to finish off the concert. There, they played “Fix You” among a couple others, and then ended the show, leaving their audience stunned. I’m pretty sure that the band had accomplished their goal: we had all just witnessed the best concert in the world.

By Kali Rohrbaugh
Photo by Lauren Moquin

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