“Instinct” by Niki & The Dove

Niki & The Dove have certainly proved themselves something to be aware of this upcoming year. The Swedish trio had only banded together in 2010 and already have an LP with Sub Pop records. Amongst all of the electronic that has seemed to already dripped into many genres and done over many times, it is refreshing to hear musicians who can still make electronic music sound interesting. There is some soul in the foreground.

Instinct emphasizes the animal in us that makes us human. It enforces the thought that everything that you feel you should do, should be. The album begins with a celebration: “The Drummer” sports a strict beat with a free-flow of thoughts building up a picture of who we are as humans. This song is the best example of the fun that Instinct tries to share with its plea to understand how everything that feels right, should be. That animalistic type feeling is taken into consideration within the instrumentals as the album moves on.

“Mother Project” takes us back to a simple beat and lightly layered synth. As the song breaks into a dreamy vocal break, I think I could even go as far to say that there is a jungle beat. As the dance just eased with the drums, I could not help but think, “This feels right, so it should just be,” justifying the embarrassment that this song encouraged. This is what Niki & The Dove have learned to craft though. The band might have written some well laid out nature metaphors with soul, but it all comes together to tell us to have a little fun.

One song that throws the listener for a bit of a twist is “DJ Ease My Mind”. It is a simple aspect, but after being emerged in rivers and eagle’s nests, it felt strange bringing it back to the environment of a club, even if it is all dance music. It can easily be labeled a pop song with a catchy chorus that revolves with, “Play that song again ‘cause we were in love,” but it is a smart one at that. The calm, cool lead up and the cryptic synth alternating in between compliment the light chorus well, creating a solid, catchy piece of pop.

A jungle beat closes the album off through “Under The Bridges”. The animal-like vocal sounds scattering the song also show off frontwoman Malin Dahlstrom’s ability to truly use her voice as an instrument. She flutters and howls as she is granted a dance. The whole theme is pulled together with spirit and the courage to try something different.

By Lauren Moquin

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