Revo Radar: Reggie Watts

Who ever thought electronic music could be funny? Reggie Watts, a comedian from Brooklyn, has been on the music scene for years. He started out as the front man for his soulful hip-hip rock band, Maktub. When he was forced to use a delay modeler in 2002 during one of his tours, he began experimenting with using it in his stand-up shows and improv comedy acts. His beat-box driven musical material became a hit in his comedic career, so he began to focus on comedy rather than his music. Things really picked up in 2006 when he became popular when he went viral from videos he posted on CollegeHumor and Vimeo.

After opening for Conan OʼBrien and having his own Comedy Central special, he was picked up by the music scene once again, performing at Fusebox, SXSW, Bonnaroo, Montreal Comedy Festival, Bumbershoot, Outside Lands Festival, and solo gigs in cities throughout the world including Amsterdam, Paris, Cologne, Madrid, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Melbourne, and Cape Town among others.

This new form of comedy has gotten some heavy praise, winning Reggie the Andy Kauffman Comedy Award, the 2009 ENC Award for Best Musical Comedy Act,and the spot in GQʼs 2010 “Man of the Year” issue for “Comedic Genius.”

This year, he has preformed at Bonnaroo, Electric Forest, Canadian International Comedy Festival, and has recently had yet another Comedy Central special, “Reggie Watts: A Live At Central Park.”

This is no Weird Al Yankovic, my friends. This man has some great skills in electronic music and mixing. Reggieʼs beats are really ingenious, and the fact that he improvs several times during most of his shows is pretty incredible. His lyrics are very witty and often really raunchy, which is commonly appreciated in music and comedy. So next time youʼre choosing between head-bobbing to some Aoki or watching your favorite Pauly Shore movie (ok, Iʼll give you more credit than that), give Reggie Watts a listen or look him up on the almighty YouTube. You wonʼt be disappointed!

By Emily Whitmore

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