Motion City Soundtrack on The Left End

Our studio was fortunate enough to welcome in Justin Pierre (vocals) and Joshua Cain (guitar/vocals) of Motion City Soundtrack. Their newest album, Go, has sent them for quite the ride. Leaving the major label, Columbia Records, the band thought that they would ultimately be funding the record themselves, but when labels got a word that the band was making a new album, they got interested. When it came down to it, the band’s original label, Epitah, is what felt right. “It just made a whole lot of sense because we know all those people and we are pretty much a family,” Pierre explained.

Motion City Soundtrack feels a sentiment to their roots. They signed on to Epitah and went back home to Minnesota to record Go at their own pace. After a grueling tour in which they played out four albums in two nights within seven cities, they took it down a level to write a solid album under a more natural process. There were no demos or preconceived ideas to cloud what sounded best in the studio. The band just wanted to make tracks that meant something bigger as a whole, without worrying about having to rip out killer individual pieces. “As time progressed, we have focused on more of what the song needs; there is no reason to show off.”

When Pierre and Cain approached the studio, Pierre paced the studio, warming up his voice, anxious to share some tracks off of their newest album, Go.  “Last time I came to Boston, I lost my voice and I just want to perform this time around,” Pierre explained.

Sure enough, their ball of nervous energy unwound to lay out a stripped down version of “True Romance”. Cain kept a soft steady guitar riff as Pierre went on with the revolving lyrics. Together they made what seems to be more of a pop song than they have created in the past. It’s extra catchy with the same spirit we have loved to share with the band as they have grown up to this point.

Then, with a warning from Cain to our sound booth, the sound became much bigger and with a faster tempo, unveiling another new track, “Timelines”. Both musicians were closed eyed and jittery as the lyrics swiftly passed and the chorus built up to a promise, “All the destruction will one day end and you will know exactly who you are”.

As such a grateful and thoughtful band, Motion City Soundtrack, Go, and their career on Epitah will be celebrated by both old fans and a new generation.

By Lauren Moquin

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