“World of Wonder” by Alison Faith Levy

If you’re a kid or just a kid at heart, you’ll love Alison Faith Levy’s new album, World of Wonder.

Previously known as “Sippy Alison,” from The Sippy Cups — responsible for such hits as “Magic Toast” and “The Jellyfish” among many others — Levy took a short break from performing for children, but has returned with a solo album full of songs targeted for children with something people of all ages can enjoy. Levy wrote a majority of the songs on the album, while performing all of the instruments as well. Along with her friend and producer Allen Clapp, Alison brings a unique and original sound to her songs.

Revamping classics such as “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “I Had A Rooster”, Alison puts her own spin on some of our favorite songs and adds a unique sound that has hints of pop, rock, and folk.

She starts out her album with some upbeat tunes including “Like A Spinning Top”, which will have kids literally spinning out of their seats and dancing. Kids will also love “One More Cupcake” because we can all remember asking our mothers for just five more minutes of playtime or just one more piece of candy.

Although relatable to children, her lyrics can also speak to an older crowd, especially in the song “Detours” which not only explores the setbacks we sometimes face in life, but how we must keep on pushing through. Her songs are not just catchy, but truly do speak volumes and positively impact young children. This album is truly a “world of wonder!”

For more information, check out Levy’s website!

By Rachel Gordon

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