“All Fall Down” by Shawn Colvin

Shawn Colvin, a WERS favorite, recently came into the studio to share her enthusiasm for All Fall Down, so to hear the album all laid out is truly a treat. While Colvin was here, she also shared her experience writing her memoir, “Diamond In The Rough”, where she opened up the struggle and triumphs of her past. All Fall Down seems to be very much a product of these fresh thoughts. The album is a collection of reflections and the hope that comes with them.

The album opens up with Colvin’s title track single. “All Fall Down” sets a solid environment for the rest of the album, containing the dreary theme of a folk song with a bright positive geared guitar riff. The most powerful aspect of the song is the many voices punching through the chorus to sing in unison. It is almost as though a whole chorus of people is agreeing with Colvin in the way that she portrays the hardship.

When Colvin breaks down to her most intimate, she takes the opportunity to get more intricate with her words. Within “Seven Times the Charm”, she plays with some clever sayings and outlooks, tying together the story of the downfall of a once-hyped love. The cloudy guitar tones carry the song along to somewhere in which we can believe Colvin is in her dreamy perspective of this once wonderful time. The song is perfectly balanced with both the airy instrumentals and the occasional low bass hums that add some dimension. As a singer-songwriter, Colvin executed the simple yet meaningful instrumentals to cradle her thoughtful story.

“Change Is On The Way” is an anthem of positivity and a really good look of what is to come. Colvin’s voice softly swings from one verse to another, professing her sincere thoughts for what will come out of the rut that was yesterday. It is refreshing to hear a clearly confident voice giving some hope. The violins scattered here and there to bring some more feeling actually add a tinge of country. This is not the only track on the album to ooze a little country inspiration, though. “Change Is On The Way” warms us up to this down-to-earth country style that reoccurs in different forms throughout the album. All of it is utilized to push the comfort that one finds in Colvin’s perspective.

Shawn Colvin has pieced together an album of consideration for everyday dreads with some positivity and maturity. Colvin has created some comfort in the eternal pains of growing up in All Fall Down that you should be sure to check out!

By Lauren Moquin

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