Sofia Talvik on The Left End

For thirty-three-year-old Swedish artist and folk veteran Sofia Talvik, it’s all about committing to the cause. For a woman who’s committing herself to a two-year, worldwide tour, a new album, and a voice and personality that never seems to tire, no artist seems better suited to the task.

We know what you’re thinking… a two year tour with no break? Talvik treats it as if it comes natural. “Because I do more of folk music, I do have a bigger audience here in the US. Folk music is sort of an American genre, I think,” she notes with a smile. “I get tired sometimes, but, you know, you have to keep going.” She is currently touring in support of her new release The Owls Are Not What They Seem (a tasteful Twin Peaks reference if ever there were one), but Talvik established herself initially in the mid-2000’s at open mix in Sweden. Since then, she’s produced five albums and four EPs with no loss of enthusiasm, and her time at WERS reflected just that.

Fans of Talvik will be happy to hear that the new album is a return to her roots as a folk singer after 2010’s Florida, which she recorded over the course of a few months in Orlando. “The two albums are quite different; Florida was a pretty big production, a lot of drums and stuff. It has a sort of dark, sort of Florida sound to it. All the songs on the new album were recorded live… I think it’s a little more folky, and a little more nice than the Florida album”. Talvik paused a moment then laughed, “Away from all the crocodiles and everything.” She crooned away on her acoustic guitar in songs “The Garden”, “The War”, and “7 Miles Wide”, a song originally featuring duet artist Pontus Borg (“I’ll make it work best I can,” she assured us).

Before heading off to her show at Tommy Doyle’s, Talvik took a moment to discuss a 2011 project, L.O.V.E. Over the course of last year, the artist took a few songs that would ultimately end up on The Owls Are Not What They Seem and produced them in four different styles on the releases L, O, V, and E at the request of – and completely funded by – her fans on PledgeMusic. The tracks and Talvik’s willingness to experiment with original material went over extremely well, prompting her to recruit four Swedish hardcore bands to produce the same tracks on four additional EPs, appropriately titled H, A, T, and E. On the 2012 album, the songs appear acoustic as she originally penned them, but Talvik was excited to test her own musical boundaries and to custom-create content at the direction of her fans from over the years.

In short, Sofia Talvik has the talent, but she also has something far rarer in an artist—boundless determination, and a genuine love of performance over fame. Check out her website for her huge number of upcoming tour dates!

By Jamie Loftus

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