Revo Radar: La Fleur

Flower Power is taking over the electronica air waves, but don’t fret, this groovy spinstress is anything but mellow. Sanna Engdahl by day, La Fleur by night, this Swedish dancer/pharmacist–turned-DJ has been popping up on remix charts since 2006. After gaining popularity in the Swedish night scene, she ranked #6 in Sweden’s Top 100 DJs list in 2007. Just one year later, she was nominated as “Best DJ” at the Scandinavian Music Convention and began hosting an electronic dance music show on Swedish National Radio.

After gaining a substantial European fan-base, La Fleur dropped her solo debut, Flowerhead EP in 2008, also launching her own record label, Power Plant Records. The release of her independent EP received world-wide praise, and in 2011 she put together Flowerhead Revisited, a new compilation of remixes which was chosen to launch the collection of DJ elites on the popular music site, Whatpeopleplay. Since then, she has continued her reign of popular releases including her new EP Eavesdropper for her own Power Plant imprint.

In case you haven’t already picked up on her organic motif, her music too clearly has an almost earthy, bare-bones sound. La Fleur’s remixes are fresh, clean, and cause that inevitable infectious head-bob we electronica fans know and love. Each of her songs has their own a unique twist, but all are recognizably from the same creator. Her mixes are smooth, funky, and often do seem to have their own interesting homage to that ever-current disco grove that electro artists often try to tap into. Her songs are also pleasantly versatile, so feel free to check her out during your next house party, group chill session, or your own casual solo listening. Coming out with new remixes constantly, she’s certainly one to watch in 2012.

A well-selected discography of La Fleur can be found on her SoundCloud page, and for constant news on her upcoming material, you can follow her on Twitter.

By Emily Whitmore

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