Revo Radar: A-Trak

If you haven’t heard of “Barbra Streisand”, then I don’t know what the Duck Sauce you’re waiting for. That is A-Trak and he has been rolling the globe for years, his works even being covered on X-Factor and Glee. Well, enough of the puns (for now). A-Trak is just a “Big Bad Wolf” that started out DJing as a kid and was the first DJ to win all three major DJ competition titles (DMC, ITF, and Vestax). Let us not forget that he is also the first DJ to win five World Championships.

Alain, or A-Trak, is unique with his remixes because they merge the sounds of rap and electrifying electronic music. On top of it, he also releases an hour long mix every month in his Fool’s Gold Radio podcast series. His podcast can also be found on his SoundCloud page, which gets a lot of people commenting as they listen to his mix and dance.

His tunes have been spread in various areas; trust me, when you revisit some of his music from places you might have heard it from, you will be amazed at the ninja move he pulled on your brain and ears. “Ray Ban Vision” and his remix of “Heads Will Roll” were in the movie Project-X. He also was recruited by Kanye West and recorded scratches for his albums Late Registration in 2005 and Graduation in 2007. A-Trak doesn’t always work alone; his partner Armand Van Helden joins him to make the delicious Duck Sauce! They created the popular songs “Barbra Streisand” and “Big Bad Wolf” mentioned earlier.

Electro or rap, you’ll find yourself loving his music, especially if you’re an EDM fan already or a rapper at heart. His music will no doubt get you jumping and bobbing. A-Trak is currently on tour and will be making a pit stop here in Quincy, MA performing at the Ocean Club, Sunday, Jun 24th. For more info of A-Trak’s touring, podcasts, and music make sure to visit his website.

By Juan Castillo-Then

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