Motion Picture Academy to Support Emerson

The Motion Picture Academy, presenters of the annual Academy Awards, will reach beyond the help they granted Emerson within the past five years. Emerson College has received $49,000 in grants from The Academy, but the 2012-2013 school year will be given a $7,000 grant for participants in the Los Angeles program and $5,000 for the school’s Visiting Arts series.

The Los Angeles program has been a major draw to the school for many film students due to the hand-on experience that it offers. Many students pick up internships with major film companies during their stay on the Emerson campus. Some examples of internships include Lionsgate Entertainment, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Focus Features. 30 students have been relieved of living expenses by The Academy during their Los Angeles experience since their support to the program.

The Motion Picture Academy originally made the Visiting Arts series possible. This is where ArtsEmerson presents screenings throughout Boston where students can meet and converse with filmmakers. The intent is to immerse Emersonians with different perspectives and provide an advantage in the networking aspect of their film careers. In the past, the program had brought in filmmakers such as Nina Menkes (writer/director of Phantom Love) and F. Murray Abraham (actor of Amadeus).

This year, Emerson will be able to have three to four filmmakers come into the city. The Academy’s contributions will allow for Emerson to continue having screenings of films held within The Academy’s archives and to send students to Los Angeles with major motion picture internships.

By Lauren Moquin

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