Digging Through the Crates #4

Johnny Foreigner

Johnny Foreigner is an English indie rock group and a self-proclaimed “country band with pretensions” and are still relatively new coming to the scene, first forming in 2006. After releasing their first full-length CD in 2008, the critically praised Waited Up ‘til It Was Light, the band continued their slow but steady ascent with a second recorded album and touring with indie darlings Los Campesinos! in 2010. Most recently, the band has added their former merch director Lowes Herriot as a second guitarist, and will continue to tour in England through the end of the summer. This week, we’re digging through the crates for some of this still-ascending band’s finest work.

A song for Johnny foreigner composed on the iPhone.

The way in which you speak to the heart
Of this angsty teen grown old
Derives its impact from the sounds I heard
When I found myself alone:
Breakneck speeds with which you shout
And tear your voices raw,
Slammed guitars and half-spat angry sibilants,
Hiding faces behind hair and hands,
Overgrown teenagers with a beef against
The idea that they should get over it.
Pop-punk partying while railing against
The scene in which you grew.

By Brendan Mattox

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