On the Verge: Poor Moon

At 4:15 PM each Tuesday, WERS brings you our On The Verge segment which highlights an artist we think is up-and-coming. This week’s artist On The Verge is Poor Moon, the side project of Casey Wescott and Christian Wargo of Fleet Foxes.

Don’t worry, Fleet Foxes are still around and Wargo and Wescott are still members! They just formed Poor Moon on the side, together with Ian and Peter Murray. Poor Moon are named for the Canned Heat song of the same name, which is a favorite of lead singer, Christian Wargo.

Poor Moon have been working long distance for four years and the fruits of their labors took the form of their debut EP, Illusion which dropped this past March and they just finished up a tour in late April, as well.

Tune in this Tuesday at 4:15 pm to hear an exclusive in-studio performance and interview from Poor Moon only on 88.9 WERS.

By Kendall Stewart

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