On the Verge: Ben Lear

Every Tuesday at 4:15pm, WERS highlights an artist that we feel is just about to make it big in our weekly “On The Verge” series. This week we have picked Brooklyn, New York-based singer-songwriter, Ben Lear.

Lear recently released his debut album, Lillian, which Lear himself describes to be a “folk-opera” .  Lillian tells the story of a young man that is kept awake by the fear that his lover, who is asleep next to him in bed, will start to pull away from him, just like the plethora of other things that he has lost in his life. He then decides that all the things we lose as humans end up in the Pacific Ocean and therefore embarks on a scuba diving adventure in order to try and find all the things that he has lost. Lear debuted Lillian to a sold-out crowd at New York City’s Le Poisson Rouge and since then has performed in various venues throughout New York, Los Angeles and even Maine and Massachusetts!

You can find out more information on Ben Lear and Lillian by visiting Ben online. Make sure to listen in to WERS this Tuesday at 4:15pm to hear an in-studio performance and interview from Ben Lear!

By Mariel Wade

Photo by Lauren Gaba

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