“Visions” by Grimes

Grimes, aka Montreal-based electro-pop sprite Claire Boucher, is finally breaking through with her third LP ‘Visions’. It’s an irresistible album— it’s dreamy, breezy electro-pop, yet it hides something deep underneath its charm. It’s extremely catchy, and rides on the current wave of 80s-inspired electronic dance music. Yet, the album leaves you with something more.

Grimes has fashioned a persona of being cute and youthful, yet with an alternative edge. While there’s nothing spectacularly groundbreaking about her sound, something seems fresh and irresistible. One thing to note is the way her voice is used as an instrument. Her voice floats like a cloud through her songs, yet her voice is mixed down under dreamy 80s synths and drum machines. It gives an interesting effect, the songs become more about the idea and notes of her voice, rather than the actual words she’s singing.

Tracks like ‘Oblivion’ and ‘Vowels = Space and Time’ are standouts, but the album kind of loses its definition as it progresses and its songs begin to blend together. Overall though, it’s 80s-inspired electro-pop that’s catchy, cute, and feels like it means something deep, even though you might not be able to put your finger on what exactly it means.

By Will Sandercock

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