On the Verge: Jake Sorgen

Every Tuesday afternoon, WERS highlights an artist that we feel is up-and-coming in our “On The Verge” series. This week we have picked singer-songwriter, Jake Sorgen. Sorgen was born and raised in Woodstock, New York, but now calls Cambridge his home. He has released four albums in the past two years including his newest album Sudden Myth.  Jake started playing music at a young age, however it wasn’t until he started working at a local radio station whilst in high school that his passion for American and English folk really started to develop. The radio station gave Jake access to a huge library of music and really drove his determination to make music of his own. Jake then went on to attend Emerson College in Boston, MA where he continued to hone his craft as a musician. In Jake’s own words, his music creates a “thin line between the personal songwriter and the public orator”. The songs on the new record, Sudden Myth, were created from events and experiences that Jake had whilst living in a small town south of Amsterdam and traveling to Germany, Spain, England and the Czech Republic. Sudden Myth features the single “Before the Fall of the Wall” and is out today. Make sure to tune into WERS today at 4:15pm to hear a live session from the wonderful and talented Jake Sorgen!

By Mariel Wade

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