Inside LMW: From The Staff

Her guitar comes over the monitors in the Vin Di Bona air studio as Sarah Jarosz sings next door in the live performance studio at WERS. This is one of the many live performances at the station during Live Music Week, and it comes on a sunny Friday afternoon as the work week comes to a close. We are so close to our goal of $110,000 that we can feel it. I took a walk around the station to get some thoughts on Live Music Week, the WERS staff, and what it means to be student-run.

Martin Grossinger, Program Director: “It’s been great to see everybody on the WERS staff come together over the week. Whether it’s been someone from the street team coming in to answer phones, or a DJ who normally hosts an overnight shift coming in during the day to pitch on the air, it’s great to see everyone come together to work toward a common goal.”

Katie DiMartile, Programming Consultant: “I am so happy it’s going so well. I feel like it’s going so great and the energy from the staff and listeners is so amazing that it’s way more fun than asking for money should be.”

Joy Powers, News Anchor: “It stimulates a lot of economic growth for the station. It gives a lot of money to the station where it’s needed. It’s also just nice having more people in the newsroom hanging out.”

Brendan Sullivan, On-Air DJ: “When I come in here, there’s just a different energy in the building. Everybody seems to be on their feet. Nobody’s complaining about giving up their time to be here. And for the live music, there are always at least two or three bands that I really like that come into the studio.”

Johnny Quinones, Production Director: “It’s been a pretty successful week so far. I’ve heard the phones ringing, I’ve heard some great praise from our listeners, which is always nice… I think Standing Room Only is gonna bring it home this weekend!”

Mariel Wade, Daytime Music Director: “It has been a really great week. It’s a great example of everyone on the staff pulling together to put on an awesome event. I know that we’re getting super close to our goal so I hope we make it there with the last two days. Everybody has been working really hard and it’s been a really rewarding week.”

WERS is a professionally managed and student run radio station that relies on its listeners for support. All members of the WERS staff have been in and out of the station daily this week to pitch, answer phones, host and mix in-studio performances, run the video stream, write performance wrap-ups, and keep the news coming. We are students doing what we love. As this Live Music Week ends, we can’t wait for the next one!

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