Fame or Juliet

After opening up for music sensation Mac Miller in front of an audience 40,000 people at last summer’s Boston Urban Music Fest, local New England group Fame Or Juliet stopped by WERS to conduct an interview for Live Music Week. The group is from Lynn, Massachusetts and consists of rapper/singer Caleb, rapper Jerminez aka Nova and the producer J Forte. They call their music uplifting, inspirational and motivational, because they write about topics from they have experienced. Caleb and Jerminez, the two vocalists of the group met during high school and would eventually meet their producer J Forte a little after. The group shares many things in common, but they also have diverse musical tastes. Caleb cited singer-songwriter Phil Collins as his biggest influence since hearing the incredible score Collins composed for Disney movie Tarzan. Jerminez credits Coldplay as a musical influence, because of their on stage performance and musicianship. While J Forte calls Kanye West his inspiration, because Kanye is an innovator and is adept at pushing the envelope when it comes to music.

Caleb believes that the genesis of the group is “divinely inspired,” because when they met their musical destiny began. Others may share this opinion, because without an official mix tape or album the group has already garnered a great deal of attention and buzz on the local music scene. The group’s current goal is to gain five thousand likes on their facebook page so they can release their first mix tape Dreams of Reality. The trio brought in a few tracks they played on the air at WERS in-between segments. The first track from the mix tape is the self titled single Dreams of Reality.

When asked what was their favorite track on the mix tape each responded with a different and unique response. J Forte felt that born legend was his favorite track because of the lyrics and the beat complimented one another and to form a perfect combination. “I felt that I laid the beats properly and the lyrics came on point” the producer reflectively responded. Jerminez selected Louie as his favorite track, because of the topic and how he enjoyed Caleb’s, otherwise know as his “partner in rhyme,” flow on the track. Caleb’s choice was the first track No Tears, because it contains a deeper meaning than perceived. The group also premiered two new songs from their up coming mix tape entitled Altitude, the first song Caleb referred to as a song for the ladies and Loco, which is about people telling them what to do. The interview ended with a six-minute freestyle showcasing the rappers abilities. With their talents they are heading in a good direction.

 By Mike J

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