Youth Lagoon Live In Studio

A young prodigy in the art of homemade musical arrangement, Trevor Powers came to WERS today with a purpose. I am convinced that he knew how impressive his performance was going to be from the moment he walked in. Twenty-two year old Trevor carries a sense of confidence beneath his humble appearance and it’s so neat to see the man behind the music. Although Youth Lagoon usually performs with a band, he was alone today. His melodically dense style has found an audience in today’s young music scene and he has been able to distinguish his individual sound from the rest of the overcrowded indie market in a beautiful way.

“Afternoon,” the first song that Youth Lagoon graced our WERS studio with today, expressed more with just a vocal mic and a grand piano than any other music I have heard in a long time. The Youth Lagoon record The Year of Hibernation is a layered and full compilation and it was eye-opening to hear how the songs are just as powerful when played by one man with a piano.

After his first song, Idaho based Youth Lagoon talked about his upcoming supporting spot on the Death Cab For Cutie tour. Trevor then told the story of how he recorded his album at a friends in-house recording studio. The record was done in April 2011 and Trevor hung onto it for a long time before releasing it.

When asked about the arrangement that Youth Lagoon uses on tour, Trevor said that when the recording process was going on, all the focus was towards the record. After that, he began to focus on the live performance. Then it was kind of a smooth transition because he had ideas in the back of his mind for how the songs would play live.

Youth Lagoon’s second song “Seventeen” was an encouraging and relatable tale of the importance of dream-chasing.

Between songs, Trevor told the story of how he used to dress up as Elvis when he was 5 years old and then he grew to like The Carpenters and John Denver, because of his dad’s influences. The Year of Hibernation started in 2010 and was not written for any specific “box” but was just a project to allow Trevor to write what he felt and not to accomplish any particular goal.

Youth Lagoon’s last song, “Ghost To Me,” was released as a bonus track on the record.

When asked what public radio has done for him, Trevor said “I think public radio does something huge that no other type of radio does. It takes what’s local, the nobodies, and gives them a voice and their music is played.”

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