The Brew

Indie rock band The Brew came into WERS today for a live mix. Though they just recently finished up their US tour, traveling to states like Nebraska and New Mexico (Taos, besides Boston, was Chris’ favorite place to travel to during tour), they will be traveling through the east coast from now until June. The Brew, gathering influence from bands such as The Beatles, The Police and Steely Dan, have a clear, easy-to-grasp yet unmistakably Rock N’ Roll sound. I got a chance to ask Chris (vocals/piano) a few questions after they completed their live mix set.

How long have you guys been playing together?

Chris- Dave, Joe (bass), and I have been playing together for 10 years. Our drummer of 10 years had to leave the band because we’ve been having a bit of unexpected radio success… we had to travel across the country and meet all of these radio programmers and go on tour and he couldn’t quite make that happen with his lifestyle. So we held auditions, and we auditioned a ton of good drummers, and it turns out that the last kid to come in just kills it, and that was Aaron.

Would you say that radio has really helped you guys progress in your career?

Chris- Oh Absolutely. We’re not necessarily a radio type of band though. We like to improvise and shred our instruments, which is all kind of selfish in a way but… We had this new triple record project, and the very first song off the very first record is the single. We’ve been sending it around to triple A stations and Non Comm stations like WERS, and everybody is picking up the songs.

Can you guys talk a little bit about your triptych set of albums?

Chris- Basically, when we were deciding to put out a new record, we have such a diverse style that we’ve acquired a lot of different types of fans. We grew up on the jam scene, but we’re also mainly focused on song writing. So, there’s a little bit of a divide between the people that are fans because of our song writing and those who are fans because of our musicality and playing. So we had two different sets of material, one meant for live, energetic improvisational playing and another that we’d rather play in a theater acoustically. So we decided to put out three records, the first being singer/songwritery, more acoustic style tunes… the second being the live, energetic, improvisational shredding stuff… and the third one is mainly focused on song writer and Beatles arrangements and pop stuff. Not pop in the Justin Bieber sense but kind of like classic rock, great background harmonies. They paid attention to that stuff, ya know? So that’s the third record, and that’s coming out in a few weeks, but the other two are out already.

By Tania-Maria Rios

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