Inside LMW: On-Air

Tuesday afternoon in late March: just another day of Emerson classes and work? Think again. Here in the WERS air studio there are three hosts instead of the usual one. Katie is at the board, Kathryn and Jamie at the guest seats. All three are taking their turn at pitching on the air for Live Music Week. The on-air shifts are the same duration as always, but instead of hosting just the music, these WERS staff members are hosting the pitch sessions heard when you tune in.

What’s different about pitching? Here at WERS, we only ask for listeners to donate twice a year, so when Live Music Week rolls around we work hard to make the station the best that it can be. The door to the studio is always open and staff are coming in and out constantly. Under the fearless leadership of our professional Membership Coordinator Andrew Kessler, students are working the pledge drive phones downstairs from the air studio. Meanwhile, Katie, Kathryn, and Jamie are hosting in the studio, and the live mix staff are preparing for the next in-studio performance coming up this afternoon.

The atmosphere in the air studio is a calm one while the music plays. As soon as the microphones go live, however, the mood immediately becomes upbeat and energetic. The cheering and clapping you hear is complemented by smiles all around the studio. When the break is over, the headphones come off and the hosts chat about what went well and how to make the next break even better. At the end of the day, these three will all rest well and come back tomorrow to keep Live Music Week full of energy and keep the phones ringing as we get closer to our goal for the week.

By Jeff Taylor

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