Calling All Musicians…Rethink Music!

Congrats to our Full Registration winners Cheryl Rafuse of Music Riot and musician Matt Jackson and all of our Music Deconstruction  Experience winners!

Are you a musician looking to find better ways to reach audiences and get your music heard? Now is your chance to learn more about the process of generating a bigger buzz at the Rethink Music Conference, Music Deconstruction Experience.

 If you are a Music Artist, DJ, Emcee or aspiring Music Industry Professional WERS has your chance to win your way into the Music Deconstruction Experience. Two grand prize winners will win a Full Conference Registrations.

Contest Rules:

Contestants who wish to enter for the chance to win the Full Conference Registration may submit a link to artistic work, youtube video, website, portfolio, etc., and 200 words or less about the significance of their work and what they hope to learn from the conference. Two grand prize winners will be selected to attend the Full Conference based on artist work submitted and written entry. Entries will be judged on creativity, production quality, originality, and written entry. Entries will be judged by a panel of WERS staff members. All decisions are final and will be made by April 19th, 2012. 10 winners for the Music Deconstruction tickets will be selected at random.

More about the Music Deconstruction Experience:

On Sunday, April 22, the Music Deconstruction Experience will offer artists and other conference attendees an all-day clinic at the Berklee Performance Center composed of individual sessions by leading figures in music. Led by Berklee Professor of Music Production and Engineering, Stephen Webber, and a team of visiting artists, the first part of the experience is a series of breakdowns of music, production, and turntabling. The second part of the Music Deconstruction Experience will be a clinic led by an artist, where the artist will talk about real-life experiences, guide the audience through their process of making music, and provide an in-depth perspective of what it takes to make it to the top of a challenging industry.

Click here for more info and a schedule!

One Response to Calling All Musicians…Rethink Music!

  1. Did you get my statement/???

    this was my statement.
    My music has always been my savior. When I am performing, my problems don’t exist. When I’m singing, I feel completed. I’ve always been fascinated by the entertainment industry and it’s all I’ve ever really wanted to do. When i was a kid, I would feel so constricted in the classroom. I just wanted to jump in the air like a firework and make everyone laugh with my talents. Needless to say, that led to some behavioral problems. My middle school didn’t need a disruptive ham distracting other students. I would get detentions and suspensions for being off the wall. Then, I found musical theatre and it was a great outlet for me. I began acting in all sorts of plays. It was there at Peacock Players that I found my first group of role models. Older kids, who were bigger hams than i was. They introduced me to incredible forces of good in my life like Radiohead and Jack Black. I became obsessed with Hail to the Theif and the turmoil I heard in Thom’s wails. I tried to emulate the energy and confidence that Jack showed. All i wanted to do was be a rock star. So, i learned the covers i wanted to learn. Then I started writing my own. I’ve been in a few bands over the years, nothing successful. I spent an incredible year after high school in NYC at a theatre school, but many factors staopped me from returning. I do my YouTube channel now and jam with friends, but I so desperately feel this burning need to perform and be admired. When I have the mic, and people are all hanging onto what i will say next and waves of applause and laughter wash over me.. that’s the only time I truely feel alive. Or maybe something even better than being alive.

    Billy D. Steeves April 17, 2012 at 11:08 AM Reply

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