Jay Psaros

Jay Psaros is joining a fast growing cult of artists who transcend expectations of their medium and big label standards for a life of true musicianship. 2012 promises the release of his third album, an acoustic EP AND a book Jay’s been working on chronicling his life on the road as an independent artist. Perhaps following in the footsteps of Josh Ritter whose novel Bright’s Passage was published last year or even going deep into his music’s history with a nod towards the works of Leonard Cohen in addition to his albums, Jay is still without question blazing his own path through the new music landscape.

When he joined us in studio this afternoon he spoke about the “validation” of being a true artist that the public radio medium gives after travelling the country andĀ buildingĀ a fanbase with hard work and singular focus. Public radio is still one of the only places where artist like Psaros aren’t ridiculed for their ability to operate outside of the big label scene but are in fact embraced for it. We proud to validate Jay, but don’t forget you can help validate US by pledging your support now!

By Jake Sorgen

Photo courtesy of Jay Psaros

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