Inside LMW: News Department

During Live Music Week we often see a lot of behind the scenes footage of the web staff and live mix teams, but it’s not very often that we hear how LMW affects the award winning news department. I am here with Maggie Smolka, Friday Morning News Producer, lets see how LMW impacts her and her team.

 What is different about LMW compared to the rest of the semester for your and the news department?

Maggie: “The Newsroom is much more crowded because people have to answer phones and take pledges. It becomes more hectic, but the energy is nice because it adds a positive feel.”

 How does the phone-a-thon affect the news department?

Maggie: “Each LMW week we have to take two 4 hour phone shifts and I always find them very interesting. Each caller always has something positive to say about the radio station and I love hearing about how WERS has affected their lives. You always are hearing stories from people saying “I’ve been listening to WERS for 20-30 year and it’s so interesting to see how WERS has carried on a devoted fan base.”

Remember guys, Live Music Week is going to run all week and now’s your chance to donate and help keep WERS non-commercial and independent.

By Chris Paredes

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