Antje Duvekot

So I’m sitting here trying to determine what exactly it is I’m eating this afternoon (some sort of Jamaican chicken dish…I’m pretty sure). WERS Live Music Week pretty much runs single-handedly on coffee and mystery dishes. I notice Antje Duvekot’s guitar case chillen next to me in the WERS lobby before she gets ready for her set at 3:15pm today, and decide to snap a few paparazzi pics before she heads up for her set. Naturally she catches me, proving my inability to be stealthy and my knack for awkward. (There’s a reason I work behind a mic, peeps.) To snap a few pre-show pics and to assure her I am indeed not a stalker, I head on up to live mix to say hi. I can assure you she’s super sweet and isn’t at all phased by me watching her set up. She even compliments my outfit while tuning her guitar and watching as I get in the way of our Live Mix staffer’s set up. In honor of my weird and awkward encounters, I decided to ask her what’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to her while on the road.

While spending the year opening up for Ellis Paul (another WERS favorite) she recalls a fan approaching Paul before their set to ask if he would be willing to pull him up onstage during the performance in order to propose to his girlfriend. Paul happily agrees and during the moment when Paul calls him up on stage to propose he receives no response. Duvekot shares my dismay over this, even more so when Paul explains to the audience the surprise proposal and the guy shouts out that he is indeed there, and proceeds to climb up onstage

“By then Paul had blown the proposal” Duvekot says “the guy’s super pregnant girlfriend came on stage and she did not look happy…I don’t know why he didn’t respond”.

How’s that for an ‘I don’t’?

By Alex Parker

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