Inside Live Music Week: Sara Morgan, Marketing Dir.

Even though WERS is a college-run radio station, we still get a little help from non-students such as Marketing Director Sara Morgan. After joining the station staff in July of 2011, Morgan began working on new ways to get our music news out apart from the airwaves. She helped WERS complete a successful Live Music Week in fall and is now ready to make this one even better.

“We’re trying to do a lot more with the web and social media than we were last Live Music Week since we have the new website,” Morgan said. “There have been a few technical difficulties, but we’re working through them. It’s one of the things you deal with as a media entity.” She’s working hard to get new content up quickly as well as videos from previous performances. “We have a lot more in store for the week,” she said with a smile.

With a fresh round of dinner just delivered, staff members are working hard to keep spirits up. Though when it’s time to goof around, students make sure to include Morgan in on the fun. Program Director Martin Grossinger and Web Editor Jake Sorgen started off tossing around plastic water bottles before rolling them, quite stealthily, into Morgan’s office. It didn’t take long before the goofing around led to her sock monkey being stolen and perched proudly on the printer next door. “I noticed it was missing and I was like ‘where did sock monkey go?’” said Morgan. “Anyone who makes him act inappropriate is in trouble. He’s a mature monkey.”

“This time of year is always really fun because there’s so much energy at the station,” said Morgan. “It’s all hands on deck.” She teams up with Sorgen to make sure there is full coverage of music, video, interviews, and “all the silly moments.” Her favorite part of Live Music Week is meeting all the people whose names she knows from email exchanges or weekend staff writing pieces but hasn’t talked to yet. “It’s nice to put faces to names since all of the staff is in all week long,” she said. “You can’t help but just sit down and talk to people.”

Even though she saw Live Music Week happen in the fall already, Morgan is still surprised by all the work that goes on to make it happen. “The work leading up to it, the work during it; we have everybody from the alternates who don’t normally get to go on air to the web staff coming in and doing phone shifts and talking to listeners,” she said. “You have everyone involved that you may not see throughout the day. That’s special to us as a station. For the listeners, it’s great because we provide live music to them, but they call in with stories and unique experiences that we get to hear about their feedback and how we affect them.” So call in, donate, and let us know what Live Music Week means to you! Not only will it make Morgan smile, but her sock monkey, too.

By Nina Corcoran

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