Dan Blakeslee

New England native Dan Blakeslee is one of our favorite local singer-songwriters and a WERS regular. One WERS staffer, waiting for his performance, told me: “I love Dan Blakeslee, I see him out and about in Boston sometimes and he’s just great. He’s one of those real-deal guys who’s really doing it for the love of the music and it just emanates out of him.”

He started with “Voyage With My Maiden,” a “song about home,” crooning nostalgic lyrics. “Being around home and family and stuff…there’s so many things to love about New England,” he said afterward. He went on to discuss a tour he’s about to embark on through the area, in which he’ll be walking ten or fifteen miles between venues with only a backpack and his guitar.

Blakeslee’s set showed off his impressive vocal range, swinging between heartfelt belting to soft melodies reminiscent of Bon Iver. He has an impressive range of talents, as well, with a career as an illustrator that preceded his musical career. “I was actually just doing that about fifteen minutes ago…sitting in the Thinking Cup doing some illustrations.” He then finished off his set with a song about making art, called “The Alleywalker,” with a jangly, almost ominous guitar melody.

“I’m always drawn to public radio stations, rather than something that has a lot of commercials and nobody’s real,” said Blakeslee, explaining why he’s always happy to play at WERS. We’re happy to have him as well!

By Ella Zander

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