Po Boyz

Po’ Boyz describe their sound as a “soulful gumbo of sounds, fearless souls and spirits.” While they’ve found a strong local following in Boston and have a weekly residency at the Middle East in Cambridge, their sound is deeply rooted in the South, particularly New Orleans, with a touch of 1970′s jam-band riffs. The band’s vibe is quickly summed up by the title of their most recent album: “Country Funk.”

The band kicked off their in-studio set with “Reno Blues” about “the biggest little city in the world.” A chilled-out organ groove (courtesy of key player Keith Hollis) took center stage, but Hollis also multi-tasked, singing and playing maracas. The three-piece also consists of guitarist Andrew Wagley and drummer Sean “Buzzy” Mannion, and they produce a surprising amount of sound for such a small band.

Mannion took over lead vocals duty with “The Wheels of Time,” as yet unreleased, which has a soulful country feel reminiscent of The Band. They discussed the influence of radio in general, and WERS in particular, on their career, saying that they’d listened to WERS as high school students and that it was “an opportunity to hear music that you wouldn’t ordinarily be exposed to.” Hollis said, “You guys are pros here…hats off.”


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