Chairlift: They began as a trio, and then they turned into a duo, but somehow, five of them appeared at WERS for their on-air performance for Live Music Week. Patrick Wimberly and Caroline Polachek– along with their three other troubadours– have another month or so of tour ahead of them, but for this last weekend they hung out in Boston in anticipation for their Monday night show at Brighton Music Hall.

The Brooklyn band dropped by to play some tunes from their most recent album Something, and they brought quite the heap of equipment. And so many wires! The studio floor was a swamp of wires and still it seemed the Live Mix crew couldn’t wrangle up enough cords.

The songs they performed were full of warm reverb and high, airy vocals– a sound that falls somewhere between pop and rock and electronic. The songs for the new album were written in the back of an antique shop over the course of several months, and for Polachek it was a cool experience in perspective to walk through the shop every day and see all those old items. Wimberly’s remarks on the experience were less romantic: “Someday you’re gonna be gone, and all your furniture’s gonna be for sale.”

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