The Other End of the Phone

Live Music Week has officially kicked off and donations are flying in from supportive and dedicated listeners like you. We love hearing your stories and taking requests, but often times listeners don’t get to hear about the people taking down your requests and donations. Emerson College has a large list of volunteers who help out and kick it into overdrive to take your pledges. It’s noontime in the studio basement and Abby Collins ’15, Chen Xu ’15, and Membership Coordinator Andrew Kessler are manning the phone lines to listen to what you have to say.

“I’ve been here since 8am and we’re ahead of the goal overall so far,” said Kessler. “We’re already at 25,000 when we’re supposed to be at 22.” He folds up forms and addresses them to be mailed out to those pledging, keeping up with the calls coming in.

“Phones are ringing a lot more than I was expecting based off my shifts last semester,” Collins added. She’s a freshman and is already adjusting to the bustling studio.

Most people donate out of their love for their station and their determination to keep it on-air. Many of people’s stories are what making taking the pledge calls so fun. “Some people in their sixties said they listened every day and couldn’t imagine their days without it and I thought ‘wow, that’s really interesting,’” Xu said. The fan base WERS has always comes as a shock to freshman volunteering for their first time, especially for an independent college radio station. It even extends to other creatures: another caller rang in just half an hour ago thanking the station and asking if he could dedicate a song to his dog, Shelly.

“Someone pledged in honor of the band playing in the studio. They said the former lead singer of the band had sang at their Bat Mitzvah and recently passed away,” said Kessler. “That was pretty cool to hear – how music sticks with people.” Let us know how our music affects you! We’re eagerly lined up to answer the phones, so tell us your stories, what you want to hear, and continue telling us why you love WERS!

By Nina Corcoran

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