One would not expect that the Lisps were a group for an SRO pre record when they first walked in to the studio. Two of them yielding guitars, one a bass, one on drums, and a female co vocalist, with a tambourine thrown in. They are an experimental rock band first and foremost. When they begin playing, however, it is clear that these excited musicians have theatrical tendencies. Their musical Futurity is a sci-fi civil war piece which explores the conflicts of two characters as well as scientific machinery that could change the human race. Highly conceptual, the music of Futurity is both thought provoking and wildly entertaining. The mood of one song can go from having a folky, classical country feel, to a highly profound and energetic feel that is more theatrical. The lyrics are captivating, and will leave you eager to know more about this intricate and complicated storyline involving a giant brain made of machinery.

The music that makes up the musical is reminiscent of the music that the Lisps create on their own as a band. Like in the musical, the band often creates music out of objects that are not musical, and even during their in studio performance at one point Ceasar Alverez, front man and guitarist, grabbed a set of keys and slid them up and down the neck of his guitar. The riffs sound classic, and for Futurity, properly place you in the time period of the civil war. At the conclusion of the Lisps performance, I was eager to hear more music and learn more about their story. Futurity is playing at the Oberon theater through April 15th.

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