Digging Through the Crates #1


Dear WERS,

How do I describe my love for Sweden to you?
Unlike the actual Nordic country (which I also love very much),
This entry in the Mountain Goats’ catalogue from 1995 is bursting with warmth,
Heat coming off the crackling fire of a dismembered cherry tree in “September 19 Triple X Love! Love!”
Or the bubbling mass of bathtub sour mash in the basement of the equally unstable “Prana Ferox”
With its shredding bass solo by Ms. Rachel Ware.
Also not to be forgotten are the words and voice of Mr. John Darnielle –
Especially on “California Song” and “The Recognition Scene,”
“I Wonder Where our Love Has Gone?”
Or “Going to Queens.”
Stories of people who look up one day and realize,
Wait, why the fuck am I here? Why,
I could be somewhere else.
A feeling I very much identify with
when I think of Sweden.

By Brendan Mattox

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