DiNucci Reaches 1,000 pt. Milestone

Emerson women’s basketball forward and Junior Political Communications major Olivia DiNucci scored her 1,000th point in a game against Ohio-Eastern, reaching a career milestone and landing her as Player of the Week for Great Northeast Athletic Conference (GNAC). DiNucci is the third woman in Emerson women’s basketball history to reach 1,000 points and the first to achieve it during her junior year, making it a “huge accomplishment” in the world of college basketball. The 5’10” forward is great at shooting, scoring an average of about 16 points in each game she has played. “She can just score like it’s her job,” said women’s basketball coach Bill Gould.

Gould recruited DiNucci in her junior year of high school, stating that her skill is “rare and impressive”. Emerson Athletics Director Kristin Parnell agreed, saying “To play at such a consistent level when there are so many academic demands on you and to be able to focus and achieve this milestone is a very hard thing to do.” In her first game, DiNucci scored 30 points and instantly became a leader on the team.

DiNucci’s name is listed twice on the women’s basketball banner in Emerson’s gym – once for Rookie of the Year in 2010 and once for her recent 1,000-point accomplishment. However nice that may feel, what she’s really looking for is the whole team up there with her. “The one thing that’s missing [from the banner] is GNAC champs,” she said, a goal that is no doubt possible with a talent like hers.

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 By Nina Corcoran

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