“Escape From Electric Mountain”

By Feed Me

Jon Gooch a.k.a. “Feed Me” has done it again. The man draws influence from about every sub-genre of electronic music you can think of. His latest EP, Escape From Electric Mountain, reminds the old Feed Me fans of his electro-house glory days. He delves into progressive house sounds which work really well. He shows listeners how diverse he really is.

The strongest track,  “One Click Headshot”, starts off with a funky, electric groove to hook you in. With flawless production, the song drops and raises the hair on your neck

With “Hadouken”, Jon throws up a heavy hitting Dubstep track. The vocals fit perfectly and the drop is impressive to say the least. There is a clear understanding of the genre present in the balance between filthy noise and melodic synths.

The next track features “Gemini”. The team created their own sound and this was their love child. A song that builds up with epic synths and a hard hitting bass drum that makes your head bob. A song that hits you in the face with robot fists and alien feet. Not only is the first drop crazy, but the two managed to create a second drop that almost out does the first one.

But this albums gold does not lie in Dubstep, but in progressive house. The song Relocation is one of the most unique, experimental songs I have ever heard Feed Me produce. It takes a long time to build and the sounds are very light and progressive, yet powerful. This is Mau5trap sounding track, it sounds like the Mau5 himself worked on it. Feed Me is exploring new genres and is succeeding at everything he tries.

“Embers” also falls under this progressive category. It features vocals from “Lindsay” whose voice blends into the wobbly synths and piano build up. It drops with crunchy electric chords and sort of has Complectro feel to it.

And last but not least we have “Trichitillomania”. This song brings us back. If this isn’t classic Feed Me, I don’t know what it is. His fast paced electro wobbles and crazy drum sounds make any listener want go rage. The song progresses seamlessly and there are never any boring parts that shouldn’t be there. Feed Me continues to rise to glory in the world of electronic music. He has a huge tour of North America coming up so be sure to catch him at a city near you. Feed Me is a king and this latest EP was nothing short of impressive.

By Isaac Amerling

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