“EP #1″ by Handbraekes

So French DJ/cult-filmmaker Mr. Oizo and German electro-wiz Boys Noize are recording and collaborating together. God save us all.

Alex Ridha (better known as electro DJ Boys Noize) and Ed-Banger-DJ/film director Quentin Dupiuex (Mr. Oizo) have produced a short EP together under the collective name ‘Handbraekes’. They’re two DJs with very distinct personal styles, and different influences. Boys Noize is known for his gritty, pulsating, electro sound. And Mr. Oizo’s style is basically the sonic equivalent of a schizophrenic washing machine— Oizo has his head in the stratosphere but produces some very intriguing—albeit out-there— electronic bangers. So a could be a little worrisome to combine these two DJs… what crazy kind of crap could they produce together?

However, in this four track EP, Oizo and Boys Noize manage to create an interesting middle ground between their styles. What they’ve come up with is pretty neat— it focuses Oizo’s more avant-garde tendencies with Boys Noize’s more streamlined-pulsing beats… it sounds fresh and new, yet still has a familiar feel to it.

“Call Gurls”, the first track on the EP, focuses itself around a vocal loop and opens with a really great drop that gets you immediately sucked in. “Riho” sounds like a club banger, but suddenly shifts into a throwback chill-out house groove at the end of the track. An “The Qat” features a weird synth line that makes you feel like you’re tweaking out.

None of these tracks go where you think they will, and are refreshingly well-produced. If you’re looking for something new, and you’re already a fan of Boys Noize or Mr. Oizo, this is totally worth checking out. But I wouldn’t necessarily recommend put this on rotation at your next frat party… it might get you a few weird looks and/or fired from your DJ gig.

By Will Sandercock

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