“Onwards to the Wall”

by A Place To Bury Strangers

Infamously nicknamed “the loudest band in New York”, A Place to Bury Strangers certainly live up to their title. Every song on Onwards to the Wall blasts a hypnotic array of noise and distortion louder and more packed than the one before.

Don’t let this deter you from picking up their latest EP. A band definitely “in control of making out-of-control music”, A Place to Bury Strangers creates an explosion of screaming instrumentals while establishing clear boundaries between the noise, instruments, vocals, and songwriting.

The EP starts off with fast paced bass riffs, soon followed by the clamor of a distorted guitar, the static hum of a synthesizer, the swift and pounding beats of the drums and finally the familiar monotone vocals of lead singer Oliver Ackermann in “I Lost You”.

Throughout Onwards to the Wall, the band strategically places every aspect of their music in a way so everything compliments each other, creating an elegant assortment of clamor, energy, and commotion.

On track two, more heavy, repeating bass riffs go hand in hand with Ackermann’s murmur. Every bang and clash is properly placed within the song, like pieces of a puzzle, to compose the entrancing tune that is “So Far Away”.

With a more structured and crisp essence to their music over Exploding Head, Onwards serves as a definite example of the evolving music of the New York based noise band.

By Judy Jun

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