On the Verge: Nikki Lane

We welcomed Indie-Country artist Nikki Lane to the WERS studios this past Saturday for an On The Verge session. She released her first EP in July and her debut album Walk of Shame in September and she’s had our attention ever since. She has a knack for writing gorgeous melodies and badass deliveries.

Since growing up in South Carolina, Lane has had her roots in Country music, but at a young age she picked up and moved to L.A. and later to New York. In both cities she picked up a strong Indie rock influence. So when she signed on with IAMSOUND to make her record she was overjoyed but she hesitant to pick one genre to work with. Fortunately she was lucky enough to work with producers Dave Cobb and Lewis Pesacov of Fool’s Gold. The two producers helped her strike a balance between her two backgrounds. Lane was so overjoyed she broke down crying after meeting them.

Now she’s touring with Noah and The Whale, and while she was in Boston we brought her in to play some songs for us. The first was “Look Away” a somber and reflective country song where her voice – a bit like June Carter – really came through the track. The second song was the title track to her E.P. Gone, Gone, Gone, and reached back to all the wandering she’s done in her life. She even has a tattoo related to that song that reads “Wanderlust Calls Again”. Wanderlust refers to her insatiable desire to pick up and move from wherever she is. She says that’s something “All musicians have in common, at least successful musicians is that they love being gone.”

That being said she also told us she loves her new life in Nashville, though she doesn’t know if she could do it if she wasn’t touring. Hopefully, the touring will bring her back to Boston soon. Keep an eye out for her, because she’s not showing any signs of slowing down.

By Paul Lyons
Photos by Fernanda Gomez

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