On the Verge: Givers

Upon being asked to jump intotheir first song, the band broke into the airy and playlist ready song “Up Up Up”, a heartening tune that offers any potentially weary listeners the chance to tap their toes during melancholy times, rather than bite their nails through the grief. The singer, various instrument percussionist, ukulele player, and only girl in the band, Tiff yells “You’re gon’ find your way, find your way to be” and she does it with a convincing sincerity in her voice.

When asked about the process of recording their original EP, the Givers EP, Taylor (guitarist/vocals) said that “we made the first EP in Kirby’s [bass player] apartment, and Kirby and Nick [keyboardist] were living in a duplex.” Taylor then went on to say that the Givers EP “was exactly what it needed to be. Just us recording as a band.”

As far as signing to the Glassnote Records label to release the recent full length album In Light Taylor said that “we recorded the album in it’s entirety and had it mixed and mastered and then met up with Glassnote, they wanted to put it out. In that way, being with Glassnote didn’t really change anything from the deep heart, you know. We were pretty much done with it and we found each other. We put it out and we had some of the songs mixed again with another mixer, Ben Allen and other songs with Chris Coady.”

When prompted towards the subject of the music business’ impact on an artists creative liberties, Taylor shared that “for the most part, and hopefully, in the world, record labels do not change the way bands sound. And hopefully that question will often be answered by a band saying ‘well actually the label hasn’t changed our sound at all, all it did was give us outlets to give the album to people, you know.”

The morning shower hum-worthy jam “Meantime” was played next. Since the release of the 2009 EP, this 4-5 minute song has undergone a few changes and revamps to get to where it is now on In Light.

This group of kids from the “small interconnected music scene, that is in Lafayette” have all know each other since their high school and college days. And according to Tiff, they “all played in different kinds of bands together. Like I played in a band with Taylor and Kirby…Nick and Taylor played together in a funk band (Spontaneous Confunction).”

Before ending the session with a performance of “I Saw You First”, Taylor tells that despite the unavoidable unprofessional moments, their early experience with each other “did exactly what it needed to do for us to enjoy playing live music together, and become best friends…and then this band ended up being the dream band together.”

Givers have come quite a ways from their high school funk band memories, and with the release of In Light, this is a promising group of young musicians ready to share their selfless and endearing songs with the up-minded youth of today.

Words and Photo by Chris Paredes

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