Ryan Montbleau Band In Studio

Ryan Montbleau and his band came by the WERS studio on Monday to share a couple words and songs with the station. With a hilarious sense of humor and a calm demeanor, the Ryan Montbleau Band is back in their hometown getting ready for the Life is Good festival this weekend. The festival will take place in Canton, MA and the Ryan Montbleau band will be playing alongside artists such as Ray LaMontagne, Zee Avi and Jenny Dee and the Delinquents.

The band started off their set with “Chariot (I Know),” a track off of their Live At Life Is Good album. Ryan’s vocals are immediately complimented by the plucking bass as the song begins. The simple bass line adds a deep hard-hitting sound to Ryan’s voice and soon, another guitar is worked into the mix. The second song they played, “Stay”, took RMB’s original style (a mix of rock and folk) towards a mix of blues and jazz. The song itself is a reference to Ryan’s home and love for Massachusetts. Lastly, they played a new song called “Dance Dance Dance” which could be the happiest song they’ve ever made. However, what impressed me most was the sense of companionship between the band itself, how that companionship was portrayed through their music and the incredibly laid back atmosphere present while they were in the studio.

After the show, WERS had the pleasure of sitting down with Ryan and he shared some thoughts about his music.

WERS: You’re music crosses all genres such as rock, soul, jazz, blues, funk; the list goes on. How would you personally describe your music?

Ryan: I still have troubles describing it myself and I really do wish I had a very quick explanation for it like rock or funk. I think it’s sort of a mix between lyrically driven Folk Americana, Soul and R&B.

WERS: When did you start singing?

Ryan: I was around 21 when I really st

arted to sing. I was a senior in college and I was in a college band. While in the band, I had this voice in my head that just needed to get out into my songs.

WERS: When did you pick up the guitar?

Ryan: I was around 9 when I learned how to play the guitar and I’ve been playing ever since. Around 18, I really started to play the guitar all the time and now I’m 34 and I’m finally practicing.

WERS: What are you most excited ab

out for your show next week?

Ryan: I’m happy with how my band is sounding. It’s the music that we’re making that really gets me excited.

WERS: “Dance Dance Dance” is one of the happiest sounding songs I’ve ever heard of yours. What inspired it?

Ryan: Haha, it’s funny because I

was taking an online lyric writing course in Berkeley this year and we had this assignment for class. I stopped writing the assignment and all of a sudden Dance Dance Dance just popped into my head.

Also, I think it’s because dudes just don’t dance anymore. Now its almost like if you dance and your a guy then you’re gay. Dance Dance Dance encourages everyone to dance, including all the guys on the side that think they’re too cool

WATCH Ryan Montbleau Band, “Stay” live at WERS!

By Cyrus Wesson
Photos by Fernanda Gomez

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