Sondre Lerche Live In Studio





Just hours before he was slated to be onstage at the Paradise Rock Club, the effortlessly charming singer-songwriter Sondre Lerche dropped by the WERS studios to perform three new songs from his upcoming album. The soft-spoken, pool-blue-eyed Lerche appeared laid-back, the kind of person who would look at home strumming away on a porch swing.

Lerche’s acoustic guitar provided the only instrumentation to accompany his own youthful voice, making his often poignant, often wry lyrics stand out more and allowing for a more natural performance. Beginning with the upbeat “Private Caller,” Lerche’s breezy voice paired perfectly with the afternoon sun and June weather just outside the studio doors. The infectiously bittersweet “Domino” followed, a song which demonstrates Lerche’s expertise in creating irresistibly catchy choruses and melodies. Lerche ended the set with “Living Dangerously,” which he described as a love song.

The 28-year-old currently lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, but he was raised in Norway, where he began his career as a musician during his teen years. While singing, Lerche’s Norwegian intonation is well-disguised, but between songs, a hint of accent pokes through.

Following 2009’s Heartbeat Radio, Lerche’s sixth studio release was recorded in his hometown and released on his own label, Mona Records. Lerche said recording in New York allowed for some new collaborative opportunities.

“I had a bunch of new friends that I’ve made from living in Brooklyn that I wanted to work with. I wanted to work with new people, basically, because I’ve done a lot of my records in Norway,” said Lerche. “Luckily they’re very talented people, so it worked out.”

By Sarah Ruggiero
Photos by Maria Oliver

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